Industrial and Workplace Accidents

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Your Staff is Not Qualified in Blood Clean up – We Can Help! Call us today!

Workplace Accident Cleanup

Accidents can happen at work, especially in manufacturing, construction, and other industries requiring physical labor with heavy machinery. When they do, you want to get back up and running quickly. You don’t want a machine off-line or a section of your plant closed for an extended period of time. On Call Bio-Virginia understands this and is here to help you get back to business quickly!
When workplace accidents involve blood, body fluids, or other biohazards there are several common concerns. Let’s address them one at a time.

A bloodborne pathogen clean-up kit is all we need. This kind of kit usually contains equipment, such as gloves, disinfectant wipes, and red bags to clean a small blood spill. Many companies have them in their warehouse or on the manufacturing floor and they are great for small injuries resulting in a small amount of blood. For accidents involving more blood, bodily fluids spread out over a larger area, blood soaked into materials or supplies, or biohazards actually in the machinery, it is likely not enough. To safely clean-up after these kinds of incidents you need additional protective equipment (PPE), cleaning products, tools, and red bags. You also need someone with the expertise to know what can and can’t be cleaned, what must be discarded, and how blood spreads and splatters. On Call Bio Virginia has all of these and is ready to help!

Your Staff is Not Qualified in Blood Clean up – We Can Help! Call us today!

My janitorial staff can clean-up the blood. Your employees are great at what they do! However, cleaning up a major blood spill is not what they are trained to do. Without the proper PPE, respiratory protection, powerful cleaning products, tools, and procedures your janitorial employees could be exposed to bloodborne pathogens and other biohazards, including:
Viruses such as HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), Measles

If the blood is not completely cleaned-up, your other employees may be in danger of exposure too. At On Call Bio-Virginia, we understand the importance of following OSHA, EPA, DNR and other regulations and guidelines. Our technicians have extensive training and we are fully insured. Why take the risk yourself when On Call Bio-Virginia is ready to help?

We will be offline for too long while we wait for someone to arrive. Time is of the essence in situations like these. You need to be operational as quickly as possible. On Call Bio-Virginia is local and we can often dispatch a crew within 30 minutes of your phone call. Depending where you are located across the Badger State, we can get to you quickly and get the job done safely!

A professional biohazard cleaning company will be expensive. On Call Bio-Virginia realizes that cleaning up a blood spill or blood splatter on important equipment is not in your budget. We will work closely with you to keep our costs low without sacrificing quality. Given the potential costs of biohazard exposure and downtime, professional remediation from the experts at On Call Bio Virginia can be very cost-effective. Additionally, we can create discounted or negotiated rates with a signed contract.  On Call Bio Virginia will be on-call to help!

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